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Hello All, I wanted to take some time and speak to everyone about getting your gal to try a brush and soap. I got my wife (Yes her name is Pam but I call her Yummy) a puck of Pink VdH they make for ladies and let her have a go round with all my brushes.... She likes the way the handmade lather feels and started using it in earnest soon after trying... She also liked the bigger brushes. The old VdH and my Parker Best Badger seemed to get the most lather for her needs. She uses the girlie cart razors and she's a one pass gal. Thing is ladies shaving covers a lot more surface area than just a face and an occasional head....

After thinking about it I purchased her an Omega 10098 Professional. It's a HUGE brush. A 27mm knot and a big handle to go with it. I took her and we did a test lather. I went 1st then I let her give it a go. We tested it with Williams and that thing made more lather than I could use in 2 shaves....

Here is the review. First of all I tried to get her to write this... I'd have a better chance pulling teeth from a chicken... So this is second hand info... She reported that the brush made a ton of lather with her soap. More by far than any of my brushes. She likes the long handle as it is easier to reach her calves and ankles and she said it felt great on her underarms and bikini area.... I explained to her that it will break in after a while and she is looking forward to that event. The lather she gets with the Ladies version of VdH she reports is creamy and slick. WAY better than anything she has ever used in a can.

She is interested in trying some new soaps and I am searching for some tailored towards ladies. SHE unlike me wants to wait till she uses up her VdH... lol If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free.....

So Gents I know some of you already have a gal that is using brush and soap. If you have one of those ladies think of buying her a nice brush. If your girl doesn't, perhaps a nice surprise is in order...The Omega 10098 is $19.99 from Bullgoose And the VdH ladies soap I found at CVS. I think I saw it at Wal Mart too but I may be mistaken. It was only like $5.00... Mothers Day is coming and what a nice gift... Better than a set of pots and a new broom for sure...lol

I can't talk Yummy into a safety razor. I think she's worried she may lop something off with one, but she is firmly into hand made lather... And for my part of this review, Her legs feel YUMMY !!!!

Happy Shaves Guys and Girls !!!

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 04-28-2013, 07:15 PM
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My wife absolutely loves TOBS Rose, she took over my jar after the first time that she tried it and that was the last I saw of the stuff. It's pink too and smells almost exactly like VDH Deluxe.

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 04-28-2013, 08:03 PM
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Great job with the brush/soap converting and this is a nice write up. I hope "Yummy" continues to enjoy her brush and superb lather.

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 04-28-2013, 08:51 PM
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Well done Sav!

DR Harris make some great creams. I don't know if Yummy is fond of the colour pink, but the Harris Rose is a vibrant pink with a nice aroma. I'm man enough to admit I quite like it, but a word of warning, it does stain the tips of my brushes pink! When I use it I keep the pink theme going with some GFT Coral Skin Food mixed with a little DR Harris Pink aftershave... and everything comes up smelling like roses!

I wish my own tasty gal would give it a try. I even offered to shave her legs for her, but she turned me down... Lucky for me she is more adventurous outside the bathroom... Blush

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 04-28-2013, 09:33 PM
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Not pink, but Klar Kabinett might be a rose scent worth trying. Last I knew Phil had some. It's a huge amount for the price and the performance is superb.

I got my wife to change to a Lady Gillette, but that's as far as she will go with shave conversion. She still insists on using bath soap for lube since she shaves in the shower. A brush? You have to be kidding! She also uses the blades I reject, and uses them for far longer than I would ever consider using them for.

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