05-02-2013, 01:23 PM
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For sale is a beautiful Rod Neep custom Extra Silvertip with a 24/50mm knot. The handle (55mm) is made from high quality imitation ivory and shows a wonderful grain.

The Extra Silvertip knot's face feel is similar to Simpson Super - soft tips with a comfortable scrub (not Thäter pillow soft). This is a true piece of art. I am willing to part with it because I got another Rod Neep recently and some Simpson's on the way... Blush

I am the original owner. The brush is in perfect condition and sparingly used.

For sale at $100 incl. USPS shipping w/tracking. CONUS/PayPal only.

PM me if interested.

[Image: TYbkCUw.jpg]
[Image: HeeHfmd.jpg]
[Image: VoWyQWD.jpg]
[Image: BMkpTS4.jpg]

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