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Robert's scuttles are molded ceramic and are significantly less expensive than most of the thrown pottery scuttles. An additional factor keeping total cost down is that he only charges the actual shipping cost by USPS or UPS, whichever is less expensive, without handling charges. My scuttle cost was $28 plus shipping a few years ago, and his prices appear not to have gone up. Medium and large scuttles are priced at $22-30, and small ones are $13-17. He now takes orders for only 40 scuttles per month.

Mine is a large scuttle in Stormy Seas pattern, weighing 36 ounces. It has a lid (not shown).  The overall quality is excellent, without visible or tactile blemishes, and the colors have lasted well. It is not as elegant or clean of line as some other scuttles, such as the Moss or Straight Razor Designs, but it is attractive. I would call it fairly good looking, but not beautiful. The total height is 4", base is 3.875", width is 5.25", the bowl width tapers from 4.25" to 3.5", and the bowl is 3" deep. Its water reservoir has a 13 ounce capacity. I have the matching brush and razor stand, which is also shown in the images. I find that I don't use the stand as often as the scuttle, simply because I like the design and appearance of other stands better, but this one works well, and I like to use it occasionally.

The scuttle is fairly comfortable to hold and carry, although it does get quite hot in the microwave sometimes, requiring use of a hot pad in the hand. Use of hot tap water avoids this problem, but I like very warm lather.  Because of its large water reservoir and somewhat clunky design, it holds heat very well and keeps the lather nice and warm throughout a leisurely 3-pass shave. The bowl is large enough and deep enough to accommodate lather production even with very large brushes, yet the steep sides keep brushes from sliding down. Generally it works very well. I would give it an overall score of 4 out of 5.

Robert also makes bowls, mugs, brush/razor holders, puck holders, and caddies.  Robert's Feats of Clay: http://www.rabfeatsofclay.com/page1.php

[Image: IMG_1782.JPG][Image: IMG_1787.JPG]

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 05-07-2013, 03:43 PM
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I like mine.

Medium Size, Midnight Blue, with a Lid.

And I have a stopper for my Pot.

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Thanks for this review. I've been considering one of Robert's scuttles. I sold my Moss small a few years ago and regret it, but I would like to support an artisan closer to home for my next purchase (Robert lives just an hour away). The medium size seems like it would suit my tastes and the space that I have, but I can see where the large provides some roomy luxury. I like the variety of colors he has available, and the prices are excellent. Very nice.

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Great review John. I am a big fan of Robert and his products. His prices are very reasonable and he doesn't gouge on shipping.

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