05-06-2013, 10:14 PM
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What happens if I use a shave stick on my face and some cream on the brush? I decided to find out:

Arko stick with...
- Arko Cool Mint: Lots of lather, good for shave, needs lots of water - and nice scent too.
- Dalen d'Men Energetic: Very dense, very thirsty. Subtle scent of menthol
- Derby Lavender: Very thirsty and dense - almost too dense - lather. No particular scent.

Derby stick with...
- Arko Cool Mint: thirsty, dense lather with a very noticeable citrus scent.
- Dalen d'Men Energetic: dense without being overly thirsty, noticeable but not too strong menthol scent.
- Derby Lavender: dense, rich lather, smelled mostly like soap. Took a bit of work to get going.

GzD stick with...
- Arko Cool Mint: Made for a dense, thirsty lather - seems like the scents cancelled each other out.
- Dalen d'Men Energetic: Dense without being overly thirsty - quite strong menthol scent and feel.
- Derby Lavender: Dense and thirsty lather, but surprisingly good glide and cushion.

Lea stick with...
- Arko Cool Mint: A thicker, denser lather than either product makes on their own.
- Dalen d'Men Energetic: Thick, somewhat thirsty. Sort of a soapy menthol scent.
- Derby Lavender: A thick, but not too dense, lather that smells mostly of soap.

Result? Encouraging in its own way, since all combinations makes a nice and dense - if thirsty - latehr. I'm not the first to try this though; after the experiment got under way I was rereading Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving where he describes the combination of shave stick and cream as "superlather". A quick Google reveals that the term was popular a couple of years ago but the online use of it seems to have has declined since then.

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 05-07-2013, 04:56 PM
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Superlather was what I first thought, Hans, which can be accomplished in other ways as well. Once a year or so, I do the same with a puck soap and cream when I want to really pamper. With the lather it usually produces, this is a move for leisure, not speed! Thanks for sharing...

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 11-18-2014, 09:37 AM
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I use this method for super lathering a lot. If I have a cream whose scent I want to enjoy unsullied, I usually use Arko, which has IMO a very mild scent - I have also had great success using Stirling un-scented tallow shave soap, then a sploodge of cream on the wet brush- bellisimo! This way I get the slickness and lubrication of tallow, and the explosively huge lather from, say, Musgo Real cream.
It's a great combination, and I heartily recommend it to all wetshavers. The idea of using a scented stick (i.e. Tabac, or D.R. Harris) with a cream having a contrasting or complementary scent allows for endless fun trying different combos.
Tabac stick with Trumper's Eucris cream is a favorite of mine ~ give it a try.

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