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I found some more straight razors that I didn’t know I still had while cleaning the house. None of the 3 razors below has ever been near a buffing wheel so there is potential to make them more shiny if you want.

They have not been honed since I sold all of my straight razor gear last year and I no longer have stones and strops. I prefer to send signed for (€5 extra) and will let you know what total costs are if you contact me.

Heljestrand & Le Grelot are sold

Famostal & Co Kampioen - 13/16” - Not shave ready, price reduced to 30 Euro shipped regular mail (signed for is a extra 5 Euros) If you have a Weber or Ikon bulldog handle to trade for that's also ok with me (or another nice handle that fits modern DE razors).

[Image: p1020525.jpg]
[Image: p1020526.jpg]

CV Heljestrand MK 133 - 13/16” Not shave ready 100 Euro + postage (SOLD)
[Image: p1020522.jpg]
[Image: p1020519.jpg]

Le Grelot P.Hospital & Co Thiers France - 6/8” Not shave ready 50 Euro + postage (SOLD)
[Image: p1020524.jpg]
[Image: p1020523.jpg]

You all have a nice shave today! Greets Ron

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