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Can any of you gents put a time line to the knot materials used for shave brushes?

From oldest known use to newests.. Horse hair > Boar > Badger > Synth or something like that?

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 05-13-2013, 02:40 AM
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According to Wikipedia: "the modern shaving brush may be traced to France during the 1750s. The French call a shaving brush blaireau" which means badger, therefore I think you have the beginning of your timeline!

(Previously it was by hand...)

Date: 1756
Material: Badger
Location: France

[Image: Mx1QIis.png]

The shaving brush was considered at one time a status symbol and a reflection of it's owner. As it's popularity increased, demand for cheaper options lead to the employment of alternatives such as boar and horse.

Your timeline of course finishes with synthetics...

For a decent resource addressing the subject, I'd suggest locating:

[Image: xZnarh2.jpg]

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