05-13-2013, 06:29 AM
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Hello Gents,

I really enjoy the TR in Vetiver/Manadarin but interested in your thoughts about the new scents recently released. I saw the review for the "Light Cream" scent but would be interested to hear about the Olibanum, Cardomom and Patchouli from those who have tried them.

Look forward to your feedback.


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 05-13-2013, 07:42 AM
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I have had the entire TR collection at some point and here are my thoughts:

- The "light cream" is almost an unscented cream. I hardly pick up anything. But my skin loves it.
- The Cardomom and Patchouli are true to their name. If you like Patchouli, you will love the TR. Cardomom in a shaving cream is pretty unique, but not for me.
- I have the Olibanum and I dont like the scent.

My favorite is Dark Lavender and Herbs (discontinued I think). The light cream goes on for days my skin is feeling sensitive.

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 05-13-2013, 10:57 AM
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I've been using tabula rasa for about 6 months and is probably the best product I've used!! I went a bit overkill and bought about five tubs in one go. I bought:

- Tea (coriander & bergamot).

I only bought this because it was the only one available from Lee'srazors. I was really surprised by the scent and was one over immediately. It is quite hard to describe. It's fresh, earthy and cut slightly with citrus. Reminds me of a traditional mens fragrance, something that house of Creed would produce. Good thing about TR is that it's not too overpowering.
After using this I was really keen to try others so I managed to contact the person who makes it and she happily made some fresh creams for me.


What more can I say lavender is lavender. Smells lovely and relaxing would be excellent if you had to shave the night before a busy morning. It may just be me but I could swear I can also smell bergamot in this cream too.

-Tangerine & Vetivier

another classic mens scent that wouldn't go amiss in high end fragrance collections. It smells strongly of citrus and has strong fresh green after-smell.


Is another hard to describe scent, I've read somewhere it is frankincense. I actually like this smell. It's not citrus or woody, it has a fresh and delicate after smell. I don't use it often, I keep it because of its unique smell.


This is a firm favourite. It's made with Iso Super E. Unless you're into fragrances like me then you won't recognise it. I was drawn to this because it would match a fragrance I own called Molecule by Anthony. It's one the hard to find fragrances and it is only made by using alcohol and Iso super E.
back to the cream, very delicate for those who like minimal scents.


It's had a nice smell but it's my least favourite. Has a woody smell with hints of lemongrass.

I have Patchouli and dark lavender, unused available if interested pm for details

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 05-14-2013, 10:29 AM
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I'll be trying out some more of the Tabula Rasa scents but will have to say I feel the Dark Lavender is perfection scent wise. I think I'll order the cardamom tomorrow (payday) because I have no self control......... I really like this cream.

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