05-14-2013, 12:06 PM
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Hey Guys heres a few beauties up for grabs today,

Gillette Slim Minty Condition M1,
Everything clicks as it should complete with the quarter turn at the end no plating or pitting loss anywhere. All black on numbers 1-9

Gillette Long Handle Black Beauty U1,
Everything clicks as it should and adjust complete with quarter turn at the end no plating loss. The numbers on this one pretty much all gone but you can paint them in you're self other then that the razor is in Great condition.

Also: Vintage Wilkinson Blades made in England: 10 pack from what I can tell its full there are no empties in the pack I cant take them out and count so my guess is a good as yours it looks to be a full back.

Also including Vintage Schick injector blades: There are 2 in that one.

Also including a vintage Rubberset brush perfect for a restore.

Also some Personna Blades as well to try.

Asking shipped US/CAN: $80 SOLD!!!!

If you would like more detailed pictures feel free to PM me or if my prices are out of line send me a msg as well.

[Image: 5vjgUAZ.jpg]
[Image: a74TYkX.jpg]
[Image: xvxvy2G.jpg]
[Image: MmZocYr.jpg]
[Image: yY9LmKq.jpg]
[Image: RYBP7QJ.jpg]

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 05-14-2013, 12:16 PM
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PM sent.

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