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Hey Guys today im going to give a review and bring to light a wonderful all organic company located in my backyard of Vancouver BC, Canada. Its called
Carina Organics/ Anthony's Barber/Beauty Supplies.

The Company was started by Helmut Gollner he came to Vancouver in the 60's as a barber and used his knowledge of homeopathic formulation for his products.

The company today is run buy himself and his son Anthony Gollner, Anthony is extremely helpful and very knowledable about all his skincare/haircare/Petcare/Barbershop products.

Helmut also had a wonderful mentor back when he was learning the barber trade he and his mentor would formulate products to be used in the barbershop for his clients.

Here is a link for more info about the company:


The reason why Im bringing light to this wonderful company for one they are from my own backyard but also they make and produce 100% of their own products in which are all made with a holistic approach to be all organic alot of the ingreidants are picked and found locally in Vancouver which is wonderful to see.

The product I have fallen absolutly in love with is the Anthonys Gold Aftershave the product is full of many organic plant extracts which is a huge benefit compared to the famous alcohol splashes that just burn. The aftershave I really love is the Blue Ice is smells magnificent its scent reminds me of a sandalwood vanilla very subtle but quite pleasant it doesnt clash with colgones because the scent only lingers for about half an hour and then fades softly which I find perfect because I can still put a couple sprays of cologne on and not be worried to smell like a flowery skunk on my way out the door Smile

The one Great Benefit to the aftershave splash is that they don't use isopropyl alcohol, they put in Ethyl alcohol so it doesn't dry out the skin and doesn't burn and sting.

Here are the ingredients they put in the aftershave splash:

Ethyl Alcohol, Pinus Banksiana, "pine extract",Chamomilla recutitia (matricaria) flower extract, Urtica dioca (nettle) leaf extract, Taraxacum officinale (dandelion) leaf extract, Trifolium pretense (clover), Flower extract, Fragrance.

I have been using the aftershave for over a month now and have noticed I no longer need to do a splash of witch hazel to sooth the skin aftershaving I throw a couple splashes of the blue ice on and follow up with with some African Unrefiend shea butter "lavender Geranium" and its been my favorite for quite a while now, My skin feels great no more drying feeling after a few hours. I have pretty sensitive skin and have had no complications of itchy or irriations from the splash so I have been quite happy to use and will continue to use the splash for as long as they keep making it.

They come in 400ml bottles, and if you really like a scent you can purchase a full gallon Tongue

They have scents which range from: Iced Lime, Red Cedar, Blue Ice, Bay Rum, and many others.

They also have Pre-shaves, Shave Creams, Moisturizers as well.

I could go one about the products in the store and what else they have but I figure you guys should check them out they are extremely friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Just want to make this noted:

I did not receive or get paid to do this I did this for solely my own review and to bring to light a wonderful organic company located in Vancouver BC Canada, I know a lot of people who are looking for organic products with no parabens and harsh chemicals that they can use in there daily regime well here you go take a peruse and check out there site highly recommend.

In a few weeks they will be redoing the website to make it more customer friendly.

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thx for the links, Jordy !! Smile

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(05-16-2013, 07:16 PM)OldDog23 Wrote: thx for the links, Jordy !! Smile

No prob figured it was about time I gave back some info to the Nook Smile

Also on another note I think since its ethyl alcohol they can ship anywhere compared to regular alcohol which cant be shipped to the USA, So for our USA members heres a chance to get some wonderful Canadian Splashes similar to Boosters but with More skin and Aftershave benefits.

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Thanks for the review and information.

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Look for the Carina shaving line up on the site for July 1st. A shaving balm has also been added to the mix, along with a few other products that are great!

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