05-17-2013, 06:36 AM
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Good morning Gents,
Today I would like to offer up a couple different GSIII accessories.

First up is my white/grey otterbox defender series case. It's gently used and protects the phone superbly. It's already saved my phone a couple of times. I think I have the original box stashed away somewhere too. I'd like to get 20 dollars shipped CONUS.

Second is an extended battery with a pebble blue replacement backplate. The extra battery life is substantial IMO and I usually have no problems with it lasting all day. The backplate(necessary to house the thicker extended battery) has some hair line cracks in the edges, probably caused only by pressure as it has not been dropped. The backplate doesn't fit as snug as one would think it should but I'm including a partially clear/partially frosted white TPU case that fits very nicely over everything, keeping the backplate snug and while offering decent protection your GSIII. I would like 20 dollars shipped CONUS

I'll try to get some photos of everything up soon.
Thanks for looking and have a nice day :-)

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