05-18-2013, 08:39 AM
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I've had quite a few emails about shave soap samples so I'm going to be adding them to the site. I've been selling the samples for 1.00 each, and each sample is 3 inches in diameter and around 1 cm in depth. Each sample is enough to do a few weeks worth of shaves; three samples are about a full puck. I can fit six shave samples into a padded mailer and keep it under the thirteen ounce limit for first class mail at $4.00 shipping cost, so the total for 6 samples shipped is $10.00. I can also do three shave samples and a full-size bar of bath soap for the same price for those who would like to try the bath soap as well.

For now, it's not up on the site at stirlingsoap.com, as today is reserved for the playing the ponies, and tomorrow will be making up for all the studying I should be doing today. However, until I get the sampler pack up on the website, you can PM me here or use the contact form on the website with what you would like to try and I'll send you a custom invoice.

Thanks -- Rod

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