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All prices include 1st class mail postage and paypal fees. I will ship internationally if you're willing to pay the difference (shouldn't be too bad as all items are fairly light). PM me if you want something, everything priced to sell quickly.

[Image: Y7GBzrA.jpg]

Lijun Finest (23mm x 57) - a very nice brush for bowl or face lathering, it does shed a hair occasionally. Strong backbone and very soft tips. $7 sold
NIB ToBS Black (pure) Badger (20.5mm x 50) - Got this as part of a gift set. Keeping the cream and "giving away" the brush. $20

[Image: v6v6WO3.jpg]
[Image: RZFyg2Z.jpg]

(L to R) - all razors cleaned and disinfected
Merkur 11c - like new, safest open comb razor I've ever used, be the perfect first razor or introduction to open combs. $35 sold
Black Tip Super Speed W2 (1951) - good user grade condition, has a lazy door but shaves perfectly fine. $12
No date code 40s style Super Speed - perfect mechanical condition, but its led a rough life. Again, shaves perfect. $8

[Image: nOZB0VR.jpg]

Weck Sextoblade w/ 2 Personna blades and blade guard - great condition - $15
Sanguine CoolCut4 - Great condition, uses half DE blades - $8

[Image: 6RBgUhO.jpg]

Italian soap lot - Cella 75%+, RR La Famiglia (TFS) Don Marco 33%, and RR Cacao (Fitness) 75%+ - $15

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i will take the lijun

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