05-19-2013, 05:19 AM
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This is a great website...I'm a NEWBIE here just discovering wet shaving and just beginning my journey looking for my special daily user razor. I'm not looking for museum quality, but something affordable and inexpensive that I would enjoy using every day.
From the models that I have seen on here that I feel I might be interested in trying are the President, Aristocrat, Diplomat, Executive Style razor.
Please PM me if think you have something you'd like to share, that I would enjoy using for a long time.
Thank you!

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 05-19-2013, 02:44 PM
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If you find one you really like, but it isn't in top-notch condition, you can have it revamped at [url]razoremporium.com[/url. I have used them and great results. Revamp includes super-cleaning, mechanical adjustment, and replating. Takes 6-8 weeks, so be patient. Price is $55-79 depending on what metal you want your razor plated in. Disclosure: I have no financial interest in Razor Emporium, just a satisfied consumer.

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