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I have used synthetic brushes since I started wet shaving. I have been interested in the development of synthetics and continue to buy new ones to try. This has created a space problem so I am offering 4 synthetics for sale.

In order of presentation, H.I.S. with clear handle, Omega Sintetico 2nd gen., Muhle Black Fiber and Muhle Silvertip Fiber 19mm v-1.

The H.I.S. is a bit big for me, but you may enjoy it. It is a fine all around brush.
The Omega is an excellent bowl lathering brush.
Muhle Black Fiber is a duplicate. Great bowl lathering brush and can be used to face lather.
Silvertip Fiber is a duplicate. I use it for bowl and face lathering.

These brushes are perfect for new shavers and those who have not tried synthetic brushes.
All the brushes have good backbone and are quick drying. The Omega and Muhles are perfect travel brushes. All brushes have had light to moderate use.

I would like $85 shipped CONUS for the lot.

H.I.S. $24
Omega $16
Black Fiber $25
Silvertip $32

[img][Image: snp7Ap8.jpg][/img]

[Image: XMpoqTT.jpg]

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