05-20-2013, 09:34 PM
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Presenting the last of my Joris (Plisson) razors I am going to sell. This is a beautiful specimen. The cap show no issues to my naked eye. Quite possibly my best looking cap between all my Joris razors.

This is a a newer (bought new this year from our own bullgoose) Plisson branded Joris as you can see by the insert. If you ever wanted to try a Joris, and have been looking for a great example of the razor, this is the one IMO. Selling only because I own 3 horn ones and I need to raise some much needed cash.

Retail $160, yours for $120 including tracked US Priority Mail shipping to the US.

REDUCED - Due to Phil's closeout sale (he's dumping Joris due to issues), I am reducing mine to $110. Why would you pay $110 for this one, when you can buy a brand new one for $108? Well ..... You get to see mine up front. The cap is clean, you can see the horn pattern etc. etc. I bought this at full retail. Phil is selling at his cost, no returns or exchanges. Plus I've already taken a $50 hit to my wallet.

That's just dust specs on the cap in pic 1. Too many dogs in the house to keep anything dust / dander free for more than a few seconds it seems.

[Image: guwplyv.jpg]
[Image: eYEFMfb.jpg]
[Image: jKf1kls.jpg]
[Image: jTvhSml.jpg]
[Image: Qn7Zh5x.jpg]

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