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Close shaves on Everest: technology and success via The Guardian

The problem with beards Wrote:Shortly after the expedition returned to the UK the organising secretary, Ghurkha officer Charles Wylie, began to write "thank you" letters to these firms. In August he wrote to Rolls Razor Ltd to thank them for the donation of a Viceroy Dry Shaver. This could seem like a very trivial piece of kit, but it is not, because, as Wylie explains...

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Interesting reading. Thanks for posting Mike.

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For those curious like me, this is the Viceroy Dry Shaver

[Image: khNGiss.jpg]

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Thanks for the article, Mike.

Anthony, what the heck is that?!Biggrin

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Interesting! Thanks Mike.

I never considered that, but sure.

There are occupations that require a clean shaven face for similar reasons. I worked in a pulp and paper mill and in the pulp mill the bleaching chemicals were chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Both will kill. We were all trained to don escape respirators and get out of the building and that required a clean shave for the best seal, or a smearing of grease or some such to achieve a seal. Production workers at times had to enter an enclosed space that had absolutely no oxygen or a other poisonous atmosphere and they absolutely had to have a perfect seal. All that for white paper for magazines. When the yellow/green cloud came rolling through (not often), one gave thanks for the required clean shave.

One time when I was in the lab concentrating on my testing, I looked up through the lab windows and saw a green fog (ClO2)out in production and no one in sight...just me. I had a semi airtight atmosphere controlled lab and the smell took a bit to get in. That's what alerted me to the deadly atmosphere that surrounded me. Calm down, get the gear on and get out... I was exiting the building just as someone was coming in to look for me.

Later they had "head bag" escape respirators and one just donned a clear plastic bag that covered the entire head and those had a self contained 3 minute air supply, so a clean shave for escape wasn't required. But that's another story. Certainly one wouldn't climb Everest with a head bag.

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Very interesting, Mike. I ran into the same problem many years ago when I was a volunteer fireman/EMT and had to wear a respirator mask to go into burning, smoky buildings. Initially I had a beard, but the mask couldn't seal, so I had to shave the beard off.

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