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Looking to trade my Semogue Limited Edition 2011 Bristle 2 (Brush is to soft for me, I like a bit more scritch and boar brushes are not really my thing to be honest)
A limited edition brush with special boar bristles (90% tops) like those used in the Limited Edition 2009 brush. The handle is made of charcoal colored acrylic material

[Image: semogue-3.jpg] [Image: semogue-1.jpg] [Image: semogue-2.jpg]

(I’m sure we can work something out if there is a price difference, for instance I could add a Omega Professional boar brush or the straight razor,pictureson bottom of page, just pm me and we'll see)

I want to trade my brush for either of these:

Semogue Special Edition 2012 Badger
Semogue Limited Edition 2011 Finest Badger size 1
Semogue Limited Edition 2011 Finest Badger size 2
TSN Semogue Limited Edition
Semogue Caravela

Omega Professional boar brush
[Image: p-17656.jpg]

Famostal & Co Kampioen - 13/16”
[Image: p1020525.jpg]
[Image: p1020526.jpg]

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