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I sold off my stainless and dove headlong into vintage Gillettes recently, and as a result I have several that don't work for me. I'd like to see if anyone is interested in a trade before I sell them.

The Slim is a backup and I just got an adjustable Executive, so it isn't really needed anymore.

The cased Aristocrat is from 46-47, and some of the gold is fading. The Aristocrat Junior is just purchased from Jordy and is user grade. I also have two Milord Techs (1940 and 1946). What these razors have in common is a head style that I just don't get along with very well. (The Milords don't have as much plate loss as the pictures indicate. That's the flash reflecting off the heads.)

There is also a fat handled Tech in gold, and the last razor is a ball end Old Type. I can't tell if the Old has faded gold or if it's brassed.

I'd like to trade some or all of these for some Gillettes that I enjoy. I find that the standard bar after 1948 is my preference. If you are interested in any of these let me know what you have to offer.
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