06-02-2013, 05:25 AM
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I don't know what I was thinking.. No, I wasn't thinking. My enthusiasm took over and I have to say, it was awesome!!

I took delivery of a bunch of straights on Thursday and Friday and just went to town..

Friday morning, pre-work, I took the first shave with a new-to-me Wusthoff Trident. What an awesome razor. The french tip is really easy to navigate around and the shave is wicked easy. I love the double jimps. I opted for CO Bigelow & a BarbaerShop brush. That brush is a bit anemic on the stuffing, and I intend to put a nicer knot, but the handle is perfect for bowl lathering..

[Image: p1676254815-4.jpg]

Came home Friday night, giddy like a school kid and since the wife and daughter were going to be out, I went for a run, showered and settled in to a short-shave (a term from my old union-worker days.. coming back in for a second shift in less than 24 hrs was called a 'short-shift') and grabbed the new-to-me Hart Steel, even though I was pretty sure it wasn't shave ready. It wasn't, but I got a first pass in with it and finished with Rattler CutCo that just came back from being honed by Obie.

This is one of the early Harts.. without jimps. I've wanted this razor since I first saw one with the black resin scales. Came across this one with the right blade and right finish, wrong scales, but the price was too good to pass. There is an English custom motorcycle builder named Russell Mitchell, of Exile bikes, who made a satin & black bike on an episode of Bike Build-Off and I have been in love with the combo since seeing it.. the bike and the Hart Steel are both totally utilitarian, business only tools. This is one serious chunk o' steel...

[Image: p1742720181-4.jpg]

Saturday was mostly a labor-day as we're still recovering from the impact of last years storm (bunk-off Hurricane Sandy). The girls were going to be out again Saturday night, so I knew it would be lazy for me and I planned out shave number three for before heading out for a dinner by myself (sat at the sushi bar). I went back to Friday nights shave but opted to do it outside on the deck..

[Image: p1670801463-4.jpg]

I've shaved outside a whole bunch of times. It is something extra special and I encourage you to try it. But it does require a few precautions. Most obvious is care not to drop your knife. An extra wet lather can help prevent it from drying down too quickly. And, negotiating a straight shave in the small travel mirror is fun, especially when the wind is blowing it around on it's already too high hanging spot on the gazebo post. Have to fix that..

I have to say, my face stood up to the three shaves with no concerns at all.

So here I find myself pondering if I want to shave again this morning. I still have a brand new Robert Williams Custom straight that I haven't used yet. It's a Father's Day present that I am supposed to leave alone until then, but the girls are going out again this morning...


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 06-02-2013, 05:56 AM
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Loved the narration and the pictures are killer. Nice equipment sir.

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 06-02-2013, 03:35 PM
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Very Nice ....

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 06-02-2013, 05:28 PM
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Very nice, congrats. I've been attempting to snag a Wusthoff but no luck so far.

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