06-03-2013, 08:30 AM
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Hi Guys:

SOLD The first brush is a Morris & Forndran "Finest" 2-band brush with a very nice faux-briar handle. IMPORTANT - this is NOT the (scratchy) old Rooney Finest hair; it is from a limited series of brushes Lee made a while ago that featured a higher grade of 2-band hair than he was using in his Rooney Heritage and M & F Blonde Badger brushes.

The knot is very dense, but has extremely soft tips and good, solid backbone. I found it to be a joy to use.

The dimensions are 28.5mm x 50mm x 45mm handle.

Your price, including conus shipping is $195 (original box included).

The second brush is a Morris & Forndran "Polo 8-style" Blonde Badger. The dimensions are 27mm knot x 49mm x 58mm handle. This is also an excellent brush. The tips are very soft and it has very good density, but it's not as dense as the Finest brush.

Your price, including conus shipping is $115. Sorry, I don't have the box. REDUCED TO $107.

[Image: SYnuJpi.jpg] [Image: cH4mB0C.jpg] [Image: pLVewno.jpg]

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 06-04-2013, 11:28 AM
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I am giving the "Polo 8" a bump because it deserves it. It's a really nice brush.

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