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Thiers-Issard Le Grelot 6/8 Razor

Thiers-Issard bought up a bunch of blanks from the now closed Le Grelot factory and made a series of stunning razors bearing the Le Grelot name.

We have all seen them on different websites and from the beautiful Thiers-Issard Le Grelot collection that our very own Ben74 has.

This is where this beautiful black scaled 6/8 came from. Price is not important as that is between me and Ben.

All I can say is what a great razor this is. Thiers-Issard put their finishing touches on the blanks from the high gloss finish to the perfect edge. This is a well balanced, great shaving razor. It was honed when I received it and with a little stropping in the mornings it holds the perfect edge.

Thiers-Issard is one French company that has not lost their “edge” when it comes to making great straight razors.

[Image: VV2jF4i.jpg]

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