06-07-2013, 12:47 PM
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SOLD Hi Gents:

I realized today that I have too many 3-band brushes on hand, so I am selling this gem.

This brush is an almost exact copy of Simpson's Polo 10. The hair is wonderful - extremely soft and luxurious, but dense enough not to be floppy at all. I have used it with creams and soaps and it works well with both.

Anyone who is thinking about a Kent BK8 or BK12 should jump on this brush; it's softer and denser than the Kents (I have owned both Kents) and, IMHO, offers a superior lathering experience.

The dimensions are 28.5mm knot x 52mm loft x 62mm handle height.

Your price, including conus shipping is $165. Sorry - I don't have the original box.

[Image: YtzvKxX.jpg] [Image: 9KjwOZd.jpg] [Image: GQMEVRp.jpg]

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