06-07-2013, 06:58 PM
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Hey Guys,

Im selling off a Few items I have grown quite fond of but have to sell to fund another large purchase of another shaving item Smile so the funds are going right back into the daily shave rotation.

The first one up is the:

Gillette #21:

It is in great condition minus the plate loss under the head as noted in the pictures, the doors and TTO align and close nice and tight.

Asking $80 Shipped CAN
$85 Shipped USA

Gillette Aristocrat Junior:

Minty Aristocrat Junior without case, It shines like the day it was made, No plate loss, The only issue is a slightly lazy door on the one side, Other then that its minty all the way around.
Weight of razor: 73 Grams

Asking: $70-- $65 Shipped CAN
$75 -- $70Shipped USA

Gillette All Aluminium LD Rocket: "PaperClip Rocket"

This one as well is in excellent condition no TTO issues or plating loss, the only issue I can see is on both ends of the Centre bar there is two pin brass marks I have noted in the pictures you cant really see unless you're putting in the bright light and starting right at them.
Weight of Razor: 35 grams

Asking $70--$65 ----Final Drop $60Shipped CAN
$75--$70---$65 Shipped USA

SMN Nouvella "Old Formula" and Dr Harris Marlborough Cream

The SMN is the old formula I don't really want to part with it because its one of my most favourite soaps ever, the tub is loaded to the top as noted in pictures I took one of my old tubs and fill it up more then what you would get in a standard tub. I don't have the box anymore but you can trust me it is the old mentholy formula.

Included in this soap sale is a Tub of Dr Harris Marlborough Cream with Box, I have used it three times it doesn't work well with my skin is the only issue of why im selling it, It is a magnificent cream and I wish I could keep it but the skin says no.

Shipped CAN: $85

If you feel my prices are out of line feel free to comment or PM me, If you would like tracking and delivery confirmation it will be $5.00. I can ship small packet but it doesn't come with insurance or tracking and I will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages. Tracked Packet air delivery time is 6 business minus customs times. I pack my shipments safe and secure. If you would like postage rates I will gladly send you a link to show what it will cost to send to you, I will only ship international with tracking and any international buyers pay full shipping costs.

If you would like to purchase two or more items together we can work it out as well.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: FHPuNhL.jpg]
[Image: sARX6lz.jpg]
[Image: Wzm3OqZ.jpg]
[Image: Ve5J1LT.jpg]
[Image: wPrIuS5.jpg]
[Image: jr3QO5a.jpg]
[Image: nqWOLsx.jpg]
[Image: itsiF5a.jpg]

If anyones interested in taking the whole lot the price would be shipped $300 with tracking. USA/CAN

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 06-08-2013, 06:35 AM
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If people think that im over priced please bear in mind that shipping from Canada with tracked packet is $15.00 thats minimum price so when you factor that in the price its not out of line its also 6 days delivery EST compared it Air which is 8-10 business days.

Its you're choice if you would like small packet Air and no insurance or tracking.
The price ranges between $7.80 and up depending on weight and size.

So for me to ask $5.00 extra to cover the cost of the insurance and tracking is fair.

I won't be held liable for lost or damage goods that have no insurance or tracking.

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 06-08-2013, 09:39 AM
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Just the Two razors left now Smile

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 06-08-2013, 07:21 PM
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One and Only price drop for the last 2 razors.


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 06-09-2013, 05:12 AM
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....looking at the photo, which one has been sold?
.........i don't know which one is the Gillette #21........

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 06-09-2013, 05:25 AM
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Sorry for the confusing post, Heres a some pictures of the two razors left.


HD Alluminum Rocket

[Image: yIHXZB7.jpg]
[Image: TX70bSn.jpg]
[Image: k2OlYGt.jpg]

Gillette Aristocrat JR.

[Image: OQsfFeH.jpg]
[Image: krovWXP.jpg]
[Image: S9se1KR.jpg]

The LD "paperclip" Rocket is the only one left guys.

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 06-09-2013, 02:42 PM
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Final Drop on the LD "paperclip" Rocket before it goes back up on the shelf.

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 06-11-2013, 09:51 AM
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Last bump for the Paperclip.

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 06-12-2013, 08:26 AM
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PaperClip withdrawn. Please close thread

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