06-09-2013, 04:48 AM
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Hi Gents:

Here is a really good brush with a slight cosmetic flaw.

Kimson 3-band Silvertip Brush. This brush is extraordinarily soft, but dense enough not to be floppy.

It has a faux ebony handle with two decorative rings made of small sections of abalone. The bottom of the handle is a disc of abalone. Two small sections of the abalone on the upper ring popped out and are lost (see pic).

Dimensions are 29mm knot x 55mm loft x 50mm handle height.

This brush cost $111 new and has not had a lot of use. I'm offering it "as is" for $25 including conus shipping. I have the original plush box it came in.

[Image: VRQ9Int.jpg] [Image: 06rLKmr.jpg] [Image: o8QQndz.jpg]

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