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Hello, gents.

I just got into safety razor shaving not too long ago, and I have been wanting to get into straights lately, was wondering what razor I should get as a new-guy to straight razors ?
I don't want it to be too pricey, just incase I don't like it.


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 06-13-2013, 02:39 PM
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I posted this in another thread. Seems like it is applicable here.

Start here:


Read everything.

If you skin is smooth, beard not very coarse, you have more time to spend on each shave then you do now, you like tools and maintaining them, you are patient and open to learning technique, basic honing and proper stropping then you are a candidate for a straight.

Shaving with a straight is not a one pass and done shave. You will need to take short strokes like a DE, you will have to get used to holding the blade, you may find some parts of your face very hard to get at (upper lip, chin and neck) and you will have to deal with an edge which is not as sharp as any disposable blade. It may be more than sharp enough for your beard and therefore will provide an excellent shave, but if you find only the sharpest DE blades work in you Merkur, then your prep will have to improve greatly as the straight edge will have significantly more problems cutting your beard.

Not trying to discourage you, just giving you the facts as I have experienced them straight shaving. Good luck.

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