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Hi everyone -

Some items that for various reasons, explained below, I am not using. Fine print: all prices include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail (except Captain's Choice which will be sent via USPS First Class Mail). For international buyers, we can negotiate shipping costs/delivery method (except of course for the Captain's Choice, which cannot be mailed out of the country due to the alcohol content).

(1) Dovo Silver Steel in Ebony Wood, with Vintage Blade strop and Clint Reeves Barber Hone. The Dovo is a 5/8ths full hollow-ground razor, also known as the "Prima." I actually won this off of eBay, which I normally don't do for straights, but the seller had only used it for two years and bought it from Vintage Blades, so I knew the lineage. It arrived not shave-ready (which I discovered after a pretty lousy shave a nice cut on my cheek) so I sent it out to a member of Badger & Blade (hillbilly) who honed it for free. He reviewed it and said it was in great shape, but just needed a good honing.

However, in the interim, I really got into my Feather Artist Club DX non-folding and so I made the choice to just stick with the DX. So it is still in the condition it arrived in from honing, even with the oil on it to protect it during shipping. What appears to be spots in the photo are just dust/particles from the oil. The only thing missing is the "Ebenholz" sticker on the scale (which I never really liked anyway). The scales are an ebony wood and in great condition. As you can see all the gold wash is there, including the intricate design on the spine. Also included is a Vintage Blades 2 inch strop in black latigo leather and nylon webbing. The handles are "D" rings as you can see. It has a number of minor/surface nicks that do not affect stropping in anyway. I imagine they can be sanded or buffed out.

Finally, included is a barber hone, a Clint Reeves "Anti-Strop" hone. It has two sides, one a "coarse" side and one a "fine" side, and from my research is probably comparable to a 4K/8K stone. I also bought this off of eBay (the seller compared it to a Carborandum). I've never used it but its in great shape. My overall goal was to create a low-cost, easy-to-manage straight setup.

I bought the straight and strop for $80, and the hone for $36. The razor alone retails for $110 new. I figured that $100 would be an appropriate price. SOLD! Thanks Johnus and Shave Nook!

(2) Rooney Heritage Emilion 1 in Super Badger. 21mm knot/48mm loft. This is my "holy grail" brush in badger, but I've discovered boar brushes and while I may regret it, I just happen to like my Semogue 1438 better. In fact as I'm writing this post, I'm starting to waver. This is an incredible brush with the "old" style Rooney barbed or hooked tips and a great fan shaped knot (they were part of the "unearthed" sale from Classic Shaving last year). While it is a 21mm knot, it "plays" a lot bigger and is definitely one of the softest brushes I've ever used. The handle is ergonomically shaped to do just about any kind of lathering, be it face-lathering, bowl-lathering, or anything else. I purchased this brush from the B/S/T here from scritchnscrub, and paid $130 for it. These now retail for $150 new. I figured that $125 would be appropriate. SOLD! Thanks pc4406 and Shave Nook!

(3) Captain's Choice Lime Aftershave. 100ml/4oz. I wanted to like this as a summer aftershave splash, but I was looking for something different, scent-wise. This is certainly no knock on Captain's Choice, which has great and moisturizing ingredients.

I bought this for $19 and used it only twice. I figured that $15 would be a good price. SOLD! Thanks Macko and Shave Nook!

As always, feel free to make any comments about my prices and descriptions in this thread. If you any other questions or comments, please PM me.

Thanks for looking,

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All items SOLD! Thanks all the buyers and thanks Shave Nook! Moderators, please archive.

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