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SOLD I have decided that I prefer soft 3-band brushes and have been slowly whittling down my 2-bands. This is one of the very last 2-bands in my den, and I am reluctant to let it go. I purchased this gorgeous brush from Lee Sabini in early 2011. This was made from the original batch of Blonde Badger he was using when he took over the Morris & Forndran label. The hair has tremendous backbone, and the tips are very soft. This particular knot is very densely packed and fits into the medium-large size range. It doesn't have a very large bloom, the result of the backbone of the Blonde Badger - in the pictures below see it next to a Chubby 2 in 3-band Super. The knot is a tad over 27mm, loft 57mm. If the loft were shorter, this brush would be too stiff. At 57mm it is just right, a face latherer's dream. The horn is a beautiful piece with a blonde side and a dark side. It is a solid, heavy handle and feels very comfortable in the hand. I have kept a light coating of Neatsfoot oil on the horn to maintain its beauty. The brush itself has seen light use - maybe about 20-30 times.

I would like $150 for this special brush, Paypal. The price includes Priority shipping. The brush did not come with a box. I'm happy to answer any further questions you may have about it.

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn1.jpg]

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn2.jpg]

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn3.jpg]

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn5.jpg]

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn6.jpg]

[Image: M%2526F%2520Horn4.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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Just beautiful!

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