06-30-2013, 08:06 PM
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I bought these with the hopes to get more into using sticks, but I haven't gotten into them so there's no sense in keeping them around.

here we have a wilkinson stick that I bought from Teiste. This was used by him before I bought it...I haven't used it. I'm going to guess that 85+% of it is there. $5 shipped, CONUS.

[Image: 5tS0j6j.jpg]

[Image: MaYjhkQ.jpg]

[Image: cTEIwCc.jpg]

brand new valobra stick that's still wrapped. $10 shipped, CONUS. SOLD

[Image: PRLymPU.jpg]

[Image: Cxhahng.jpg]

[Image: 4pt4Q1X.jpg]

la toja stick that I've used once or twice, but no more than twice. $6 shipped, CONUS. SOLD

[Image: TbqQoap.jpg]

[Image: ptXHb3E.jpg]

[Image: JNVd4On.jpg]

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