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I am offering for sale a very nice brush and a box of nice shaving product. Payment via Paypal. Priority shipping is included in the price. I will only ship the box of product within the US. I can ship the brush internationally for an additional fee.

First up is a premium specimen of a Simpsons Chubby 2 Best Badger brush. I purchased this beauty directly from the Isle of Man and asked for a stunner. That is precisely what I received. The Best hair in this brush is on the Super end of the Best spectrum. The knot is beautifully formed, and the brush performs marvelously. I am offering it for sale because I have a Chubby 2 in Super badger, and these two brushes are so similar I only intend to keep one. I have encountered no shedding issues with this brush. I measure the knot at 27mm x 52mm. Asking $150 SOLD.

[Image: 711Sale2.jpg]

[Image: 711Sale3.jpg]

Next up is a box of product. The big ticket items include:

[Image: 711Sale1.jpg]

1. Martin de Candre, regular scent, about 2/3 remaining. The label on the side of the jar is pretty worn. The scent of the soap has mellowed, but is still quite present.

2. Antica Barbieria Colla Bitter Almond soap in a vacuum sealed bag. I bought two from the recent group buy and have decided to part with one of my shares. The brick of soap weighs 177 grams.

3. Yardley shaving soap in bowl, about 3/4 or more remaining. This soap was unused but had lost its scent long before I took ownership of it. The lather is phenomenal. I just prefer something with some scent.

4. Esbjerg Grapefruit shaving cream. I bought this new from Imperial Shaving just two weeks ago. It is great stuff and has a nice, light, citrusy scent.

5. Your choice of: 70% full bottle of Alt Innsbruck or a 100ml decant of either Eau d'Emeraude or Lotion Opaline in a new 4oz blue glass spray bottle. The decants will come from my 500ml bottles of Emerald Water or Opaline.

I feel like these five items are worth my asking price of $100. And since I will be packing them in a flat rate Priority box, I want to throw in some extras that I won't be using, including:
Unopened puck of Haslinger Marigold shaving soap
Unopened puck of Edwin Jagger Sandalwood shaving soap
Used (70% remaining) tub of Razorock Mughetto di Bologna
Tub of Tabula Rasa Olibanum - I have used about 30%, but the cream has settled, so it looks like even less
Tube of C.O. Bigelow shaving cream used twice

As mentioned above, all of this for $100 SOLD.

Thanks for looking!

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