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Old King "Morvidus" ruler of all ancient England lay dying in his chambers, when he summoned his son "Vortimer" to his bedside, "my only son,you are to inherit this land, and all it's boundaries,you alone must rule with a fair and just hand and be loved by our people."
"Now according to our law you must bury me wherever my arrow lands fired from my own hand".
And with that the Kings attendant propped the old King up in bed and handed him the golden bow and arrow,the weak, dying King drew back the arrow in his trembling hands,the Kings son with tears flowing freely from his eyes helped his dying Father with this his last act,the King took careful aim at the window across from his bed,he shook uncontrollably as he released this his final arrow of his long, long life,the arrow flew through the air, they buried old King "Morvidus" on top of the wardrobe.Wink

Geordie Sam.

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 07-12-2013, 10:41 AM
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That was worth reading Sam.Smile

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And I'm sure he was well dressed for the occasion. 24

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