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Hi lads,Geordie Sam here, I generally use gel from a can (a mortal sin I know)and I have also used Palmolive shave cream from a tube,which I used to squeeze an amount into my cupped left hand and use my hand as a sort of lathering bowl and just keep agitating and dipping my brush into it,now, here's my question,I have ordered a jar of Tabac shave soap,what is the correct method to adopt when using a jar of soap,? do I keep returning to the jar once I have loaded up my brush and use up a lot of soap, or do I use a seperate bowl (to agitate the brush,like I used to use my cupped hand) I hope I have explained this well enough.?
Also,how do I dry the soap,? does it dry quickly,? does it stay firm,or does it go a bit sloppy.?
Also,will other soap pucks fit the Tabac jar if I feel like a change of soap once it is used up or are they all different shapes and sizes.?
I hope I have not came across as some sort of idiot.
Thanks lads.
Geordie Sam.

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 07-13-2013, 08:00 AM
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Geordie, I can tell how I handle a generic soap; Tabac is easy. BTW, I face lather.

I use a damp brush, I remove most of the water from the brush. I want to be in control of the water, not the brush. I load up my brush far more than I need for the shave(you'll understand after using it a bit). I do that so that I can make an ultralather. Typically I'll dip the tips of the brush into the basin of water and bring more water back to the soap to load the brush. I'm in no hurry when I load my brush. Oh, I also use circular motions and I try to get into the "corner" where the soap and dish meet. No matter how much I concentrate on the corner though, at the end of the soap I always begin to see a window in the center of the dish and have more soap left in the corner. I aim for a protolather which can, depending on the soap, be "snotty". I never try for real lather at this point; neither should it be frothy. Even by using a WeeScot I get enough lather for 2 1/3 passes and the last pass could just as easily be a full pass. Naturally a larger brush holds more lather. After loading the brush and making lather generally I don't need to go back for more soap. When I'm done, unless I've made a mess around the threads of the container I just close it up. Anything in the jar is soap even if at one time it was lather, so I leave it there. I don't dry it or anything else, unless you fill the dish with water it won't get gooey.

I can't help you with the size of the Tabac jar. I never bought one. I always use plastic food grade storage containers from the supermarket.

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 07-13-2013, 08:10 AM
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Everything Brian said above plus, if you choose to lather in a bowl, load the brush as Brian stated then start to build your lather in the bowl adding water as needed. TABAC is a really easy soap to lather so you should have not problems at all.

As for as using the container for another soap, sure. You can make any puck fit that container.

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 07-13-2013, 08:19 AM
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If you go to youtube and use keywords "lather shaving soap" and "lather tabac," you'll find a number of good instructional videos.

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 07-13-2013, 08:40 AM
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Thanks lads for the advice, John, I looked at "youtube", there is a very good vid of a lad using Tabac soap,with his hand as his lathering bowl,much like I did with the Palmolive.
Thanks again.

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 07-13-2013, 09:00 AM
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Decades of experience and know-how have already spoken. Have fun! And report back how it goes for you, Sam.

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 07-13-2013, 06:04 PM
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I cannot really add anything to what Brian and Johnny have already told you. I started wet shaving as a cream guy with a scuttle and now I only own one cream with a 18 or so soaps and I face lather. Face lathering just seems so freaking natural, and it cleans your face while lathering. Nothing a woman can do exfoliates better than 2-3 minutes of a good brush on the face. I fully suggest building the lather straight on the face. Bypass the had thing if you can although that too is how I started. Load the brush, work it into your face and slowly add water to the tips as you build the perfect lather.

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