07-13-2013, 08:19 PM
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I need some new tires for the Land Cruiser so to get the funds started I have decided to let some stuff go. Everything includes paypal fees and CONUS shipping, international buyers PM me for shipping quote.

[Image: LApMt6Q.jpg]
[Image: 0cQAMpG.jpg]

L to R:
1) SOC Boar $25 SOLD
2) Vintage Plisson (20x45mm) $45
3) BF7 w/ TGN Finest (25.5x49mm) $45 SOLD
4) Rooney w/ TGN Finest cracks stabilized w/ clear epoxy have had no issues with regular use (24x51mm) $45 sold

[Image: zcyqQy1.jpg]
[Image: ODiEi78.jpg]

5) No Name Silvertip (25x58mm) (suprisingly not floppy) $30
6) Frank's Finest Fan (25.5x57) $25 SOLD
7) Plisson Pure badger (23x60mm) $35
8) Ian Matthews (by Vulfix) boar (20x50mm) $15

Brushes for restoration:
[Image: e94m9XG.jpg]

9) No name wooden handle - knot loose (opening 21mm x 14.5mm deep) $8 SOLD
10) All Bright 21mm $8 SOLD
11) Rubberset 20mm $8 SOLD
12) Ever Ready 19.5mm $8 SOLD

[Image: gTyamZW.jpg]

13)Strong Set 20mm $8
14) Made Right 5 (20mm) $8 SOLD
15) Made Right 100 (22mm) $8
16) Ever Ready 100T (20mm) $8

[Image: mgMcstK.jpg]

17) Made Rite 100 21mm $8 SOLD
18) Painted Wood Ever Ready 255 19.5mm $8
19) Ever Ready 150 20.5mm $8
20) Surrey 23mm $8

[Image: 5euhSnx.jpg]
21) Dubl Duck Aluminum 25mm (has dents) $15 SOLD

[Image: OFPUPLU.jpg]

22&23) Kanner's Dubeledge Stropper and Kriss Kross Stropper $8 ea

[Image: RFOuDAi.jpg]
[Image: 2eKHvvd.jpg]

Razors L to R:
24) Gem Micromatic vgc w/ NOS blades $25 SOLD
25) Gold Fat handle Tech $8 SOLD
26) Gillette short handle Black Beauty (small nicks in handle only defect, everything else very nice) $28 SOLD
27) Gem Junior lather catcher cased (both in fair condition) $25 SOLD

Freebies (with any purchase over $25)
[Image: r7Wkb7r.jpg]

Afta Fresh (didn't realize it was a balm)
Fromm Hair Shaper (can be used for shaving using hair shaper blades)

Comments and questions welcomed.

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 07-15-2013, 08:34 AM
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Updated, many of the items originally held had buyers back out so double check if you had your eye on something.

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 07-18-2013, 10:12 AM
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still some nice stuff left along with the freebies, thanks for all the inquiries.

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 07-24-2013, 07:38 AM
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Still some interest trickling in, feel free to make an offer. Don't worry about offending me, the worst that will happen is I will say no and counter offer, but so far I haven't said no. Biggrin

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