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At the request of some customers, the "manification" of our bath soaps is ongoing. While they haven't been added to the site yet, the Sharp Dressed Man and Lime bath soaps are completed and have started shipping. I'm hoping to have them added to www.stirlingsoap.com by this weekend, but in the meantime if you'd like to try them, just shoot me a message and I can send you a custom invoice. Also, I'm always looking for requests for shave soaps and bath soap styles, so just let me know if you'd have something you'd like to try. Coming soon will be a bath soap in the scent from our Tuscany shave soap, and I'm also going to be adding a Sandalwood shave soap that was my attempt to recreate for a customer the AoS Sandalwood preshave oil scent (I got close, but no cigar. There's a reason that stuff sells for $25 for a 2 ounce bottle).

Also, videos for lathering technique are coming in, and I've started a playlist for them on our YouTube page. If you are having any issues whatsoever getting optimal lather out of the shave soaps, check them out. They are fairly short for the most part (and those not made by me have sweet background music). Two of them are for the old Gen 5 line, but the technique still works. I'll add more videos to the playlist as they come in.

See all the videos at



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This is great shave soap folks, check it out.

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