07-19-2013, 07:46 AM
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Do the different RazoRock soaps differ on scent alone or is there a formula differece that impacts the performance.
I have the BeesKnees which smells nice but maybe I need to give it more chance because it was a bit stubborn to lather and I didn't feel it was up there with Mike's ir Tabac.

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 07-19-2013, 08:06 AM
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RazoRock has different lines of soaps, which have different formulations. For example: RazoRock Classic is a rebrand of Fittness, the La Famiglia line are rebranded TFS soaps, the Linea Officina Artigiana line is unique to RazoRock and has several different formulations (Mughetto di Bologna is a shea butter heavy tallow soap, Muguet De France is a shea butter heavy non-tallow soap, Napoleon's Violet is a shea butter free tallow soap, etc.). You'll have to do a little research to find out which soaps will suit your needs best, RazoRock has plenty to choose from.

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 07-19-2013, 08:12 AM
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The different lines of RazoRock come from different makers, so I believe. Some contain tallow, some are veggie, so a variation in performance will occur. Although I no longer use RazoRock, I found the King Louis Lavender to be the best performing.

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 07-19-2013, 11:22 AM
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I've tried the classic,king Louis both great. It's funny how there's so many opinions on soap. But overall RR is fantastic stuff if you don't like it sell it or trade .

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 07-20-2013, 11:04 AM
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I have the Bee's Knees in my regular rotation. I find it lathers nicely with less water.

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 07-21-2013, 07:00 PM
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I'm a definite fan of RR soap/croaps. They all seem to have quality ingredients(short list of only necc./useful ingredients IMHO) and great prices. I've studied their ingredients many times while smelling/testing/checking info on almost their entire line up-luckily carried by my fav shave shop in NYCAngel Just like the above posters wrote, I have seen many different formulations of ingredients for RR. The commonality among them tends to be their concise list of ingredients that are mostly tallow based, with a few vegetable based soap options in each diff. line of RR. At this moment I have Mudder Focker, K.Louis lav, Moroccan secret and Caribbean coconut...I like each one for their unique mild scents, awesome quick lather and usually one or two special/unique ingredients that slightly differentiates each soap from one another. Sometimes these unique ingredients are truly noticeable in the resulting cream formed and/or its performance in regards to skin treatment. Caribbean coconut ingredient's listed on tub-"stearic acid,tallow, water, cocos nucifera, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, coconut fragrance, potassium carbonate." that's it! Exactly what you need in my knowledge/experience and no chemicals listed that I would rather have removed! Mudder Focker and Moroccan secret have a very similar formulation to that listed above, except for one different ingredient added to each. M.F. has "thermal mud(solum fullonum)" which is great in warm weather and for more oily skin...it's tough to find because it was released as a limited production...so stock up if u like it! The Moroccan Secret soap's unique ingredient is "Argan oil" which I believe is one of the rarest/expensive essential oils produced...I believe due to the rarity of the seed or nut(forgot which), that the oil is harvested from. This is another great soap, especially in dry and or cold weather...skin feels moisture richCool that's my two cents-BB

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 07-21-2013, 09:08 PM
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All RazoRock soaps that I have tried have been foolproof in performance. There are no tricks that need to be followed and I know that no matter which I use I will get a great shave. There are some differences in the formulations, but regardless of what you choose you won't be stuck with a dud and that's for sure. I generally prefer the 888, Mudder Fokker and XXX. I have purchased the new releases but they sit unused in my overflow drawer awaiting other soaps to get used up.

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