07-22-2013, 03:53 PM
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Hi Gents:

Here is a really nice Rooney 3/3 Silvertip brush. The dimensions are: 26.5mm knot x approx. 54mm loft x 70mm handle height. The handle is a very handsome faux ivory with subtle vertical stripes. It has very good density and backbone for a 3-band and works very well with creams or hard soaps. It has had very little use and it is not a shedder.

New ones are not available right now. The new price was $130, but Rooney has been raising their prices significantly, so when they become available again, I am sure the price will be higher. Your price, including conus shipping, is $95.

[Image: q1oZbEX.jpg] [Image: 0AV1fO2.jpg]

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