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This is a long shot, I know, but I thought I'd try this here before I moved on to the Bay.

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I have a blue HTC 8X that I just recently bought for my wife. However, she prefers the Lumia 920 to it and so I have a surplus phone.

So, I have an almost-new HCT 8X (Windows Phone 8) to trade. I want to try one of the new Blackberrys (Z10 or Q10).

Some details on the 8X -

AT&T Phone (not unlocked)
Windows Phone 8
16 GB (I think, I'll need to check this and then update)
Otherwise standard for these phones.


If you're tired of your Blackberry and want to try a Windows Phone, please contact me.


If you want my opinion of Windows Phone 8, here you go.

For the record, I use a Nokia Lumia 920 as my primary phone. It is an amazing piece of hardware, though it is a lot chunkier than the HTC 8X (which is very pretty). The 8X is a real premium bit of hardware. It's got looks, performance, and great signal quality (at least around here).

As to the software itself: I find it to be very cool. Fast, responsive, and very stable (much more so than Android, in my hands). It has all the apps I like to use, and a lot that I just play around with. There are certainly not as many apps as there are available for iOS and Android, but there are more than enough for me. The interface is really cool and innovative and I find it more attractive than the Android ones I've tried (my Android phones are rooted and flashed, so I run many different launchers and interfaces). Still, it's closed-source and not as infinitely customizable as Android. iOS doesn't come close, in my opinion (but that's subjective).

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