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When I was in school, we had an 'annual athletics meet' - the usual stuff, running, jumping etc. I was never very good at athletics, but I attended every year. We divided the school up into houses (like they do in the UK today) and we competed against each other. It was fun.

One thing I distinctly remember was the 'Prayer of a Sportsman' that a senior student recited just before the athletics started. I'd forgotten about it for years, but after reading about the cheating going on in sports recently (athletics, MLB, cycling, etc.) it came to mind again.

I love the emphasis it places on doing your best but also on cheering for the winner, because they 'played the game better than I'. It also talks about a 'field that is fair' and other concepts that some athletes today seem to have forgotten about.

I was always taught that the main reason to play a game is the game itself. Winning was something that you strove for, but playing the game fairly and well was way more important than winning.

Maybe they should recite this before games in the professional leagues. It may cause the cheaters to think before they cheat.

NOTE: It's called a prayer and it does mention 'Lord' at the beginning, but you can substitute whatever in place there and it doesn't lose its impact.

Prayer of a Sportsman

Dear Lord, in the battle that goes on through life
I ask but a field that is fair,
A chance that is equal with all in the strife,
A courage to strive and to dare;

And if should win, let it be by the code
With my faith and my honor held high;
And if I should lose, let me stand by the road,
And cheer as the winners go by.

And Lord, may my shouts be ungrudging and clear,
A tribute that comes from the heart,
And let me not cherish a snarl or a sneer
Or play any sniveling part;

Let me say, "There they ride, on whom laurel's bestowed
Since they played the game better than I."
Let me stand with a smile by the side of the road,
And cheer as the winners go by.

So grant me to conquer, if conquer I can,
By proving my worth in the fray,
But teach me to lose like a regular man,
And not like a craven, I pray;

Let me take off my hat to the warriors who strode
To victory splendid and high,
Yea, teach me to stand by the side of the road
And cheer as the winners go by.

-Berton Braley

Please PM me if you think this breaks a rule on here. I was unsure about posting it, but thought it would be nice to mention.

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 07-29-2013, 05:10 PM
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Hear, hear

Yohann, I was always lead in prayer before combat. I am still that way. Unfortunatlly, you could be stirring a hornets nest. JMHO

I wish it weren't that way.

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 07-29-2013, 06:07 PM
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Yohann, Prayer of a Sportsman, in and of itself, breaks no rules as I see them. I don't see a promotion of a religious or political nature. As for what's in this, I agree with you that an awful lot of today's athletes should really learn to live by it.

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 07-29-2013, 08:58 PM
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It works well for me.

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Does anyone know Lance Armstrongs e-mail,as HE could certainly do with BLOODY WELL READING IT.
Good post Yohann.

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 07-30-2013, 05:47 AM
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Sportsmanship, a word that is collecting dust in the dictionary. Last sporting events that I watched on TV that showed any kind of sportsmanship was Little League Baseball, Women's College Softball, and Golf.

The almighty dollar has taken away all reasoning for most.

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