08-06-2013, 02:19 PM
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Hey everyone,

I thought I'd maintain a running WTB/WTTF thread for stuff I'm looking for.

As I mentioned in another thread, my collecting bug is mostly dead, but there are a few items I need or want.

1) Lather catchers: Any of them except the GEM Junior Bar. Let me know what you have, and I'll consider it.

2) Long-handled brush: 22-24 mm knot, and badger hair, but otherwise I don't have many restrictions.

3) Injector blades: The usual type - for Schick Injector razors.


For trade I have a vast selection of straights, brushes (Chubby 1 Best, and other nice brushes), blades (DE blades and Ted Pella SE blades), Soaps, creams, hones (pretty expensive).

I'd prefer to trade for any items offered, but will buy the outright if you prefer.

Thanks for looking. PM me if you have anything for trade. Biggrin

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 08-08-2013, 08:41 AM
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Yohann, I have made a long handled brush from exotic red wood and knotted it with a 22mm TGN two band finest fan (making a 24mm/48mm brush). It is amazingly good, but I am finding I am not crazy about long handled brushes. You can see my journey with this piece here. I have been using it in rotation and the knot is set just about perfectly for flow-through and backbone. I absolutely love the way the brush performs, but the handle is a bit too long for my liking. I would trade it for an equivalent size/quality with a shorter handle. Does not have to be two band, either. I am a big fan of Simpson best grade and love smaller brushes. 24/48 TGN two band is about the largest I like and only in this particular configuration with a two band fan knot. I will eventually make another one just like it only shorter or cut this one down somehow if I own it long enough. But if you are looking for a longer handle and gorgeous badger knot, this is a good one.



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