08-12-2013, 05:01 PM
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I had some Amazon gift cards to use.

Not that I need any more but one of the things I purchased was a GBS Silvertip with ebony handle and chrome trim.
[Image: zE0gzbZ.jpg]

It is a beautiful brush. I love the black and chrome look.
When you pick it up the first thing you notice is the weight. A very heavy brush. And all in the bottom metal piece. As such it is extremely unbalanced. And heavy - did I mention that?

I have used it a few times. I shampooed it but there was hardly any funky smell to begin with. It bloomed nicely. It is a pleasure to use. This is my third silvertip badger. It was by far the cheapest($45 + free shipping) but the knot doesn't behave cheaply.

The unbalanced handle is noticeable in use. Not a chore nor problem but noticeable. The weight is an issue. I dropped it on first use and was afraid it would crack my pottery lather bowl.

My biggest gripe? The handle diameter is to large to fit inany of my shave stands. in fact it does NOT fit in the free stand that came with itHuh

With the flat heavy decorative chrome piece the resting state for this brush is bristles up.

In short - I love the knot. Well above it's price point. AndI love the looks of the handle. But the weight is definitely an issue to consider.


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 08-12-2013, 06:55 PM
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Phil, congratulations and enjoy the brush! Biggrin

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 09-02-2013, 09:33 AM
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I have used this brush exclusively for more than three weeks.

It has become my favorite brush.

The GBS logo wore off within a week. This raised fears about the brushes overall quality. But no issues have surfaced yet.
The brush refuses to shed. I have not seen a single loose hair. Unique in my experience.

The knot is very soft and luxurious. It compares favorably to my Kent BK4.

The bottom heaviness is no longer an issue. I guess I got use to it.

Overall the sleek good looks and the wonderful knot makes this a winner.
[Image: Vui91Ns.jpg]

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