08-13-2013, 08:58 PM
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Price: 9/10. $15 for 4 oz. Not bad.
Quality: 10/10. It's top notch. Brian cares about his product.
Fights Razor Burn: 10/10. I have no doubt that this will cure a rough shave.
Cooling Sensation: 10/10. If I could rank it higher, I would. You will be hit with a menthol blast so strong, that your eyes will water and your face will feel like you rode a 4x wheeler around in the snow for a few hours.
Scent: 10/10. It's a mix of fruit and just a slight detectable menthol scent.
Efficacy: 10/10. My skin was cooled down, really smooth, and refreshed.
No alcohol burn: 4/10. It says it has alcohol in it, but I didn't feel any sting. Maybe because I had an amazing shave.
Will I buy this again? You better believe it!

Guys, you have to try this stuff out. If you love menthol, then you will love this! Brian has a gem here and will make your skin feel refreshed, moisturized, and cold for a good few minutes. My hands were also pretty cold too.

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