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Well my 10 year old electric shaver broke and after shaving with one exclusively for over 25 years, I figured it was time to re-evaluate my shaving.

Some background:
When my father introduced me to shaving he was a devout proponent of the electric razor, he had a couple of moles on his face he could not shave without cutting with a bladed razor, so he never even thought about teaching me how to shave with a non electric.
After shaving for so many years with an electric I am able to shave quite effectively, getting what manny would call a DFS. <- I know manny people don't believe thats possible without a blade actually touching the skin but its true.

For the past couple of years though I had become very lazy in my shaving routine, I would go several days without shaving sometimes a week.
Mow down the beard with the clippers and then shave, maybe keep shaving for a couple of days then go back to skipping 1-7 days.
Some days feeling extra lazy I might just mow down the beard with the clippers and leave it like that.
Played with Goatee's and 'staches and always got dirty looks from the wife.

When my shaver (actually a pretty nice Braun shaver) broke I started looking for a comparable replacement.
"Wow prices seem to have gone up from what I remember, but that was 10 years ago."
Decided to put off buying a new one for a couple of days, as I said I had been getting lazy with my shaving.

Rummaging through the linen closet for something the next day I found a Gillette Fusion razor I had bought on a whim 4-5 years ago and had never used.


I had tried shaving with a blade razor exactly once before in my lifetime and to call it a poor experience would be an understatement.

"Maybe its time to try this again? I really do need to shave."

So I went out to the store and bought a small travel size can of shaving gel, and a bottle of high alcohol aftershave.

First shave with a blade razor in over 25 years:
- Knowing there was a very strong chance going to nick my self up pretty good I picked a Saturday to start, which would let me recover from any big cuts before going to work on Monday.
- Mowed down the beard with a cheap electric beard trimmer down to whats probably a 4 day stubble. I knew it was probably a little long for shaving with a blade for the first time but thats the best I could do.
- Took a shower, I did know that you need to soften the whiskers but thats about all I knew about shaving with a blade.
- After the shower I dried my face off and stood in front of the mirror.
- I grabbed the can of gel and dispensed a healthy glob on my hand and started to apply to my face.
"Whoa.... I think I dispensed too much" I thought with about 3 inches of foam in my hand and a half inch covering my face.
- After washing my hands of the excess lather and working the lather on my face in some more I grabbed the razor.
- Shaving the right cheek first, I did the big strokes you see in the commercials on TV, There was some pulling and tugging but not anything horrible.
"OK that wasn't too bad, now lets try right side of the upper lip.... OWWWWW #$%@#!!!!!!"
- Major pulling and tugging, it felt like I could hang the razor from my lip with a 2 pound weight and nicked my self pretty good.
-Figured I would cut my losses on my lip and started on my other cheek, after trying some smaller strokes I discovered that there was less pulling
"OK good to know, now the neck."
- Ignoring the grain of my beard I used the smaller strokes pulling straight down and managed to get through the neck with only a couple of small nicks and weepers.
- I went back to my upper lip and using smaller strokes (but still too big) and too much pressure I managed to get through the lip and chin without major blood loss.
- After washing my face and applying some aftershave
"Whooooo that stings a little."
I looked into the mirror and thought.

"I think I need to research the techniques a little more." <- I know understatement.

Started looking online and stumbled across several sites on wet shaving, and have for the past month and a half been learning as I go.

Shaving with a blade has a lot of charm.
The pre shave prep/shaving rituals is something new and enjoyable, and has kept me shaving pretty much everyday, save a couple to let my face recover.
Trying different shaving creams/soaps/gels/shavers individually is cheaper than getting a new electric razor, but add up to more in the long run.
Because the individual costs are lower it would be easier to keep my "lets try something new" itch scratched and may keep me shaving more regularly

But I have to be honest though I'm not totally sold on using blades to shave, there are plenty of things I like about using an electric shaver.

-There is really nothing other than the shaver to buy, a replacement screen and blade once a year is the only thing you need for upkeep.
-No need for any special pre shave routine. You can shave before or after a shower, pretty much at anytime, even in the shower with some of the travel shavers..
-I haven't had a nick or razor burn with an electric razor in YEARS, I know how much pressure to use, the direction to shave in, the size and speed speed of the strokes, etc....
-Believe it or not right now I can get a better shave with an electric razor than a bladed razor, this may change with time and practice but do I really want to go through all the nicks/cuts/burns to get there?

I'll keep at it for a while more and I'll see where this goes.

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 08-16-2013, 12:28 PM
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Welcome to The Shave Nook! Smile

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Welcome aboard! I think that once you gotten your technique down you'll enjoy shaving even more than you do today - before you know it you'll know how much pressure to use, the directions of the strokes and so forth and so on.

Do yourself one favour though; try out a "proper" safety razor (DE or SE) if you haven't already, using a brush and real shaving soap or cream... if you enjoy shaving with a cart, you probably love shaving with what many of us consider proper tools...

Traditional wetshaving can be as cheap (probably cheaper) as using an electric - a decent brush lasts a lifetime, soap are cheap and long lasting and most people seems to use one blade a week. Since a sleeve of ten blades can be had for less then a coffee at Starbucks, you see how inexpensive it can be ...unless you get bitten by the Aquisition Disorders, that is... Even so it can be cheaper than most hobbies.

And you can combine it with using your electric if you like; a quick shave on weekdays and a luxurious pampering session on the weekends perhaps?

So once again, welcome aboard. And enjoy the ride - I strongly recommend sticking to it, suffer the nicks and burns and learn the time honoured, manly art of traditional wetshaving!

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 08-16-2013, 12:41 PM
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Welcome to TSN.

I would highly recommend traditional wetshaving too.

A proper safety razor, a real brush and real shaving soap/cream.

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 08-16-2013, 12:57 PM
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to The Shave Nook. I agree with what everyone else has said. I've been doing this for 50+ years and I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

A good DE Razor and blades, no pressure, let the razor do the work, decent brush (I prefer boar) and a good soap/cream, and you will have it down in no time at all. Then you will wonder why you used an electric all those years.

Once you get the hang of it, you will want to shave everyday for the relaxation and enjoyment. As for as moles, I have a few and you just have to be careful around them.

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 08-16-2013, 01:18 PM
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Nice intro, welcome! Smile
I am sure you'll be much happier once that learning curve is behind you Wink

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Welcome to The Shave Nook.

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Welcome to The Shave Nook!

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Welcome to TSN.

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Welcome to The Nook and welcome to the journey.

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What an introduction!
Welcome to The Shave Nook!Biggrin

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Welcome! Hope you keep at it.

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Welcome to The Shave Nook and enjoy your stay. Smile

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Welcome to TSN. Hope you stick with it, and start enjoying more and more.

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Hello, welcome to: " The Shave Nook " Relax & Enjoy.

Charles U.K

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Welcome to TSN! I hope your stay is a nice and informative one.

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Welcome to TSN! Wink

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Welcome to TSN

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Hello and welcome! Cool

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