08-18-2013, 12:34 PM
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Hi all,

We found some of the discontinued Klar Kabinett and have it available again.

Klar Kabinett

[Image: Scheerzeep_Klar__4fef03c790e90-500x500.jpg]

Besides the Klar, we now have La Toja sticks and the Lavanda shaving cream

La Toja Stick

[Image: La%20Toja%20scheerstick-500x500.jpg]


[Image: Lavanda%20Creme%20barbear%20100g%20kl-500x500.jpg]

We now also have a rather specific Dutch product, a brushless soap that comes in a huge container and could be a great addition if you want to have a soap to replace shaving foams. It's called Bartex:


[Image: Bartex%20365g-500x500.jpg]

"Snelscheercreme" would probably be translated by Google as "Fast shaving cream"

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