08-21-2013, 05:05 AM
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I know some of you guys are do-it-yourselfers, so I thought I'd check with you all about this before I spent a bunch of money.


In my kitchen in the house we just bought we have a bar that was put in by some previous owner. It faces the LR/DR area and at the moment we're using it as a desk/catchall (as you can see in the pic). It's ugly, I know, but it works. I thought it would be pretty easy to improve upon it.

My plan is to install cabinets under it, and replace the bar itself. The top is currently plywood, and has no character at all.

[Image: temporary-83.jpg]

Initially, I thought I'd have it match the rest of the kitchen counters, but after thinking about it, I've decided to consciously have it differ from them. It's not really part of the kitchen area, to my mind.

So, I've been considering installing a wood top with a live edge. Something like the image here (without the sinks, of course).

[Image: Natural_Edge_Wood_Countertops-1246900394-detail.jpg]

However, these are hard to source. I'd need something in the range of ~ 2" x 24" x 84". There are many online sources of the wood, of course, but I thought that someone who was into woodworking would have a better idea of the kind of place where I could look around locally for the wood.

One other idea I had was to remove the entire partition between the kitchen and the DR and install a bona-fide island/breakfast bar. That will be a pretty expensive undertaking, so I was a little reluctant to invest in that.

So, if you guys have any ideas, please let me know. I'll be checking with the people I know out here too, of course. Since we're still new to the area, we don't know a whole bunch of people, and most of my work-mates are in the early 20's, so this is not something they really think of. The rest of them are rather rich, and they just pay a contractor to do all their work.

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 08-21-2013, 07:04 AM
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I would like the cabinets to give you more storage space.

Or something that would look like a mini desk with space to put your legs under and then drawers or shelves (or shelve spacing to put those plastic type containers in for additional storage) or cabinet doors.

Wood top, a laminate or tile or granite?

If it was a mini desk you could build it up to the level of the open window and put a laminate on top of it. But you have to match it up to White Walls and Wood Floring.

Those are my thoughts.

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 08-21-2013, 03:36 PM
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Yohann, good luck with the decision.
Personally, i would knock down the wall and open up the space, either now or later.Biggrin

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 08-21-2013, 04:16 PM
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I would recommend looking up a local person with a saw mill. or a local mill. They usuall carry such pieces. You need to go to a local coffee shop at 5:30am with a parking lot full of pickups. There you will find farmers Smile And they will know who they let cut down and mill logs on their property. Of course the local diner in the middle of the city won't work Biggrin

Good luck and I think it is a grand idea!

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