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Hey all, I have a couple things I would like to sell. All prices include US shipping. Payments through paypal.

For trades, I'm always open to 2- or 3-band brushes of a similar price range!

A quadruplet of Single Edge Razors

Includes on each of
G4 Schick 66
Schick I2 HydroMagic (Cased!)
GEM 1912
GEM Featherweight (somehow wasn't on time for the photoshoot. Decent condition, some plating is flaking off of the top.)
enough Injector and GEM Stainless SE blades to get you started

I would like to sell these four together for $40 shipped

[Image: 4XWme6Yl.jpg]


Cased Gillette #58 in excellent condition. This is NOT the aluminum version, so it has a nice weight to it!

I would like to sell this for $110 shipped

Cased N1 (1968) Gillette Knack in excellent condition.

I would like to sell this for $30 shipped

[Image: KyYEOIpl.jpg]

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