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Here is the first group of the Somerset (pre-Vulfix) Simpson Best Badger brushes that I am selling. One third of all the brushes have already sold to the lucky guys who got to preview the sale because they had previously bought a Pure from me.

These brushes vary considerably in character, but almost all have the sturdy backbone and fairly soft tips characteristic of Best Badger knots. A few are more like Supers, with very white, very soft tips; while a few others are more similar to Pures in their dark coloration. All have been used gently and are in excellent condition. Some have their original labels, others do not. None of the handles have structural defects, but a few have small discoloration spots. None of the brushes are shedders. The knot diameter and loft values are measurements by sight using a ruler and thus are approximate. If a brush has its original box, that is noted.

Prices, payable by PayPal, include CONUS shipping with tracking. I will not be responsible for shipping damage or loss, and if you wish to have insurance, it will cost extra. If you buy more than one brush, the total price will be reduced for each additional brush, for combined shipping. If you live outside the U.S., contact me about shipping cost.

This is sort of a mini-Chubby in its handle shape, although the knot is less dense. Perhaps intended as a starter brush, it is equally good for bowl or face lathering. The knot is 19mm, and the loft is 42mm, intended to dry quickly during travel. The hair on this brush is somewhat more light blonde-brown than most of my Bests. The Case brush is designed to fit into a specially made plastic travel tube, but I do not have the tube. $60

This was Simpson's least expensive Best Badger brush. It has a relatively small but dense knot of 18mm and a loft of 42mm. The brush has the usual Best coloration pattern, but the color is relatively light. Small but mighty, this brush works well for both bowl and face lathering but is particularly good for the face lathering. $50
[Image: VCZxroo.jpg][Image: G9AcYAd.jpg]

Wee Scot SOLD
This tiny brush, with Alexander Simpson's signature on the handle, is the smallest one made by Simpsons. Its knot is 14mm, and the loft is 36mm. It is a true classic, with the standard Best coloration in miniature. Although the brush has not been used much, I did use it with both soaps and creams and found that for me it worked best for creams. Despite its high loft-to-diameter ratio, it lends itself quite well to face lathering. $55

Persian Jar 1 SOLD
This brush has a handle with a very simple but classic and lovely shape that fits well in the hand. Elegant, it has no sharp edges. Its knot is 20mm, and the loft is 45mm. The brush has a relatively light, blonde coloration overall. It works well for face lathering but is especially good with a bowl. $100

Persian Jar 3 SOLD
It has the same shape as the PJ1 but is larger and even easier to hold. The knot is 25mm and the is loft 56mm, and shape is actually more of a fan than most of the Bests. This brush has the classic 3-band Best color pattern, but with very white tips. $130

Keyhole 1

The name of this legendary brush reflects its handle shape, relatively tall, simple, and easy to grasp, described as "redolent of the 1920s speakeasys." This smallest size has a 19mm knot and a loft of 43mm. It has the classic colors and has not been used much at all. It is good for either bowl or face lathering, like all the Keyholes. It comes with its original box. $70
[Image: 26iI3cp.jpg][Image: OLBgbJ7.jpg]

Keyhole 2
This small to medium size has a 20mm knot and a loft of 46mm. The brush has the classic Best colors but in relatively light shades. It also has not been used much. There are a few small spots of discoloration under the label and on the top back of the handle. The brush comes with its original box. $80
[Image: lZYhC91.jpg][Image: geWMCCa.jpg][Image: 9coNe1e.jpg]

Keyhole 3 SOLD
The medium size has a knot diameter of 22mm and a loft of 48mm. It has beautiful, classic Best colors. The original box comes with it. $120

Keyhole 4
The large Keyhole has a 24mm knot and a 50mm loft. The colors are in the classic pattern but have an overall slightly grey tone and a larger dark central band than most. There are a few tiny discoloration spots on the rear of the handle. $120
[Image: t263U6F.jpg][Image: XKiSqy2.jpg]

Duke 3 SOLD
Originally the best selling of all the Simpson brushes, this model is a true classic. Quite densely packed, it has both wonderful backbone and excellent flowthrough and lather release. This Duke 3 has a knot diameter of 24mm and a 45mm loft, and it has the beautiful, prototypical Best colors. $165

Harvard 2
Once called the "ultimate Ivy League brush," the Harvard is sort of a voluptuous Persian Jar, thicker and probably easier to grasp. Relatively densely packed, the Harvards are ideal for both face and bowl lathering. This small size has an 18mm knot and 44mm loft. It has classic Best colors and has hardly been used. This one has its original box. $85
[Image: eFtDmLL.jpg][Image: zOrx3h0.jpg]

Harvard 3
I believe this brush may have been a prototype, because its "waist" is a little slimmer than the other Harvards, and its base is slightly thinner. The handle is actually the same size as my H2. The lettering has faded quite a bit. The knot is 19mm, and the loft is 45mm, and the overall hair coloration is slightly lighter than usual. $90
[Image: E6z0HAG.jpg][Image: 6l9ol26.jpg]

Harvard 4 SOLD
The knot is 20mm, and the loft is 50mm. This one also has a relatively light color pattern. It has the original box. $135

Harvard 5 SOLD
The knot is 22mm, and the loft is 52mm. It has light hair coloration and a few tiny discoloration spots on the handle. The original box is included. $160

Harvard 6 SOLD
The knot diameter is 24mm, and the loft is 60mm. With its relatively high loft, this brush has bloomed beautifully. It has the classic color pattern but tips that are softer and whiter than most Bests. $180

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Prices have been reduced. I am not likely to lower them any more.

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Just a weekend BUMP.

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This is the last price decrease.

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In about 6 weeks I'll be putting up many of my vintage Somerset Simpson Super Badger brushes for sale. If you purchase one of the currently listed Best brushes before then, you will get 2 days advance notice by PM of the Supers available and first chance at buying them before they are listed.

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Buy two brushes with a total asking price of $150 or more and take $10 off. Buy two with a total price less than $150 and take $5 off.

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Just for my record keeping, who bought the PJ1 and the Harvards? I lost that information. Please send a PM. Thanks.

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