02-28-2012, 06:41 PM
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This cream is so elegant from the appearance of the beautiful tube which it comes in, to the lovely and sophisticated scent which it has. It's also a great performer.

Ease of lathering: 10/10--A small amount of cream explodes into a mountain of lather.

Longevity of lather: 10/10--Perfectly stable so multiple passes are so easy.

General skincare: 8/10--Contains aloe vera for a very soothing and comfortable effect.

Scent: 9/10--I love it. Slightly aloey-like, and very classy.

Price: 10/10--I believe it is low-priced in Russia, although I received it in a trade.

Would I buy again: 10/10--Yupp! You wouldn't have to twist my arm to buy this stuff!

As I have said before, Russia produces many fantastic creams which are gradually becoming better-known in North America. Thanks to a wonderful gentleman in Khabarovsk, Russia - this cream was sent to me back last winter, and I enjoy it very, very much. It is so soothing and gentle to sensitive skin, and always delivers great performance.

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