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Here is the second group of the Somerset (pre-Vulfix) Simpson Best Badger brushes that I am selling. One third of all the brushes have already sold to the lucky guys who got to preview the sale because they had previously bought a Pure from me.

These brushes vary considerably in character, but almost all have the sturdy backbone and fairly soft tips characteristic of Best Badger knots. A few are more like Supers, with very white, very soft tips; while a few others are more similar to Pures in their dark coloration. All have been used gently and are in excellent condition. Some have their original labels, others do not. None of the handles have structural defects, but a few have small discoloration spots. None of the brushes are shedders. The knot diameter and loft values are measurements by sight using a ruler and thus are approximate. If a brush has its original box, that is noted.

Prices, payable by PayPal, include CONUS shipping with tracking. I will not be responsible for shipping damage or loss, and if you wish to have insurance, it will cost extra. If you buy more than one brush, the total price will be reduced for each additional brush, for combined shipping. If you live outside the U.S., contact me about shipping cost.

Classic 1 SOLD on eBay
This brush is densely packed. The knot is 22mm, and it has a 42mm loft. It has the beautiful 3-band Best color pattern. With a somewhat stubby handle, it is a great all-purpose brush, working well for both face and bowl lathering and especially good with soaps. Like the Case, it was designed to fit in a plastic travel tube, which I do not have. It does have its original box. $100

Classic 2 SOLD
This brush is even slightly more densely packed than the Classic 1. It has a 23mm knot, and the loft is 43mm. This one also has the typical Best coloration. It is an all-around brush but seems to be best for face lathering, especially with soaps. $105

Colonel X2L SOLD
This brush was only made in one medium size, and its name was said to reflect its "military" design. This particular brush has a knot diameter of 22mm and an unsually high loft at 51mm, making it excellent both for bowl lathering and face lathering. It is soft and has bloomed nicely. More like a Pure, it has a light overall coloration pattern, with more of a grey tone than usual, and the bands are not clearly distinguished. Its handle shape is very comfortable in the hand and allows for different styles of holding and lather production. $85

Commodore X2 SOLD
The Commodore series was said to be the inexpensive Simpson line most popular in North America. The Commodores have a somewhat squat handle that is very easy to grasp. This brush's knot is 22mm, and the loft is 49mm. It has light coloration more like a Pure, and its bands are not clearly demarcated. $50

Commodore X3 SOLD
The knot is 25mm, and the loft is 53mm. This has the classic colors but in a slightly dark, grey overall tone more typical of some Pures. $65

Chubby 1 SOLD
Considered to be some of the finest shaving brushes ever made, the Chubbies need little introduction. A premium line of brushes, they are very densely filled with high quality hair that usually has beautiful coloration. They are great all-around brushes but are especially prized for face lathering. This smallest size has a 25mm knot and a 49mm loft. It has the beautiful classic Best colors. $155

Chubby 2 SOLD
A classic brush, the medium size Chubby has a 27mm knot and a 50mm loft. This one also has the typical beautiful color pattern but with whiter tips. $190

Chubby 3 SOLD
The largest Chubby, this quite hefty brush has a 29mm knot and a 57mm loft. It has a beautiful bloom and quite beautiful colors, with very white tips that are more like those of Supers. $220

Polo 10 SOLD
The Polos were described as being "an outrageous shaving brush for macho men." They are quite tall, with large handles and high lofts, yet they work beautifully for soaps or creams in a bowl or on the face. Although relatively densely packed, they have great backbone and flowthrough. This one actually has a relatively short loft but also has very soft hair tips. The knot is 27mm, with a 50mm loft. Its colors are beautiful, and it has white tips like a Super. $190

Polo 14 SOLD
This one is truly gorgeous, with a handle about 80mm tall and a knot with 32mm diameter and 65mm loft. Its color bands are wonderful, and it has extremely white tips. A very luxurious monster, its hair tips are also very soft, reminding me of vintage Plissons. $300

The Fifty Series of brushes were especially popular in North America, although they are less well known now. They came in 5 sizes, all moderately densely packed, with medium density/loft ratios that made them ideal for both face and bowl lathering. The relatively tall handles are both comfortable and handsome. This 58 has a 24mm knot with a 55mm loft, and it has truly beautiful colors. It comes with its original box. $140

The 59 has a 25mm knot diameter and 56mm loft. This brush has a wide white top color band and soft tips, with somewhat less backbone than most of the Bests. It's hair shape is more of a bulb (dome) than the usual hybrid shape. There is very slight butterscotching of the handle. $125

Astor SOLD
The Astor has a 22mm knot and a 50mm loft, and it has the beautiful classic colors of Bests. This is a very attractive brush. $160

Berkeley 46
The Berkeley was a relatively inexpensive brush that was turned in only one fairly small size, but it has become fairly rare and highly desirable for collectors. It has a somewhat densely packed 20mm knot and a 40mm loft, and it has a slight light grey color tone, with the bands not clearly delineated, looking more like a Pure than a Best. This brush is especially good for face lathering. $125
[Image: fhkmUgt.jpg][Image: z5ATT9Y.jpg]

Milk Churn SOLD
This brush was inspired by Somerset's local dairy industry and was beautifully turned in one size. Although unconventional, its handle is quite comfortable to hold. The knot has a diameter of 21mm and a loft of 55mm. Although the tips show slight central darkening from colored creams, they are very white. The overall color pattern is the classic one. This brush is accompanied by its original box. $125

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That Polo 14... Damn! Rolleyes

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Prices have been reduced. I am not likely to lower them any more.

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Just a weekend BUMP.

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This is the last price decrease.

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In about 6 weeks I'll be putting up many of my vintage Somerset Simpson Super Badger brushes for sale. If you purchase one of the currently listed Best brushes before then, you will get 2 days advance notice by PM of the Supers available and first chance at buying them before they are listed.

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Buy two brushes and get $10 off the total price.

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Just for my record keeping, who bought the 58 and the Astor? I lost that information. Please send a PM. Thanks.

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