08-28-2013, 10:56 AM
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I have a few vintage blades that I would like to trade.

Personna Super Platinum -I have 5 packs of sealed blades (25 blades total). These blades immediately followed the legendary Personna 74 blades in production and apparently are very similar in performance.

Wilkinson Sword -I am told that these are the vintage English Wilkinsons. I have 4 sealed packs (20 blades total)

I am kind of out of the loop in terms of vintage blades and am too lazy to research their current worth. As Kramer was fond of saying, I would like to trade them for something interesting. Biggrin

Edit: I am looking for someone who will take all 45 vintage blades. I am not interested in breaking up the lot.

[Image: TRakGaF.jpg][Image: UK58MVw.jpg]

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