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Hello Gents,

I have a few items for sale or trade, please ask any questions or request more pics, let me know if my prices are out of line. Thanks for looking!!

Things that would interest me in a trade
Feather AS D2
Ikon S3S

Muhle Sophist (porcelain) Perfect condition $125 Shipped CONUS
[Image: b50d064ff6d1e57fff20d8f3ecfedbb2.jpg]

POMCO SLANT w/case better than user grade but not perfect $95 Shipped CONUS
[Image: 7515f88fab57da4ad1b9f9ec7b0d09b6.jpg][Image: eef30b26cb63e5e97dd2f2fea2e1da44.jpg][Image: e1b692883da1c4c6346d3c95675c4238.jpg]

SCHICK I2 new package $45 shipped CONUS
[Image: 38eb6a664a7b2c3a442204a6c53e522e.jpg]

SCHICK TYPE F again very nice condition but not perfect $75 shipped CONUS
[Image: 24373f724e642539948519c2600bc0c2.jpg]
[Image: 1eb692cea550d852b7dc2205b6f45218.jpg]
SCHICK TYPE D (scissor handle) recently replated in gold has a few wear marks inside head and where handle rotates on head $100 Shipped CONUS
[Image: a3690ae77a8841fef0af8133f8da3efb.jpg][Image: fbd2632552bbca4122bef9c34825a4b4.jpg][Image: 4bb600416a1f35867098661d6208b77b.jpg]

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