08-28-2013, 07:58 PM
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Here are some nice items that I'm just not using enough. Now is the time to send these to a new home and help me make some cash for new purchases!
Prices include CONUS Shipping.

New Reductions--Take both Made Rite brushes for $50, or both brushes and the Gillette Sensor handle for $55!

Hardright Long Handled Brush--Very large knot! I'm not sure of the size. I was the first owner, but I got it from another member who restored it himself. Vintage handle came from an old barbershop. He sanded and re-stained it. Beautiful vintage brush with a new TGN knot. Ultra large brush! $50--SOLD!

Simpson Colonel XL2--Popular brush that won't cost you a bundle. $50 Comes with Simpson Box--SOLD
[Image: dKCW0dl.jpg]

Restored Made Rite 150 Brush with a TGN Finest Badger Knot. I found this handle and had it restored for me. Another great vintage brush. $40

Made Rite 52 Brush--Great little brush with a vintage knot. If I could restore this myself, I would! Would make an awesome travel brush. $20
[Image: q9EvusA.jpg]

Software Lot
Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Soap in Wooden Bowl and Box. Over 95% full.
3 New Tubes of Cream
Proraso Red--Purchased new and used twice.
Lavanda Cream--About 60% full
[Image: RKzs47Z.jpg]

Gillette Sensor Excel Handle $7 with any other purchase
Gillette Travel Kit--Genuine Alligator Skin on lid. Travel Tech and mirror on the inside. Very Unique--$20
[Image: OoGpEqf.jpg]

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 08-29-2013, 01:50 PM
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Travel Kit, Software Lot, Colonel and Hardright brush are all sold.

I'll let both Made Rite brushes go for $50, or add the Gillette Sensor handle for $55!

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